Guide to buying rare and precious gold and platinum

Gold jewelry is very fashionable today. It’s available in many styles, colors and finishes. It is also an attractive choice for setting gems. To avoid confusion about the wide variety of prices for what might appear to be the same thing, it is essential to fully understand gold. As with gems there are often quality differences where there are substantial price differences. Understanding what factors influence differences in price and quality is the key to finding value in gold. Gold has proven to be a source of steady and stable growth compared to the more volatile stock market, so a growing number of retirement investors are turning to gold IRA reviews.

What is the definition of gold?

The most valuable metal in the world, gold is. Because it is soft and malleable, one ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire that runs five miles or hammered into thin sheets that could cover a hundred feet. It is one our most rare metals and doesn’t rust. Although gold can be found almost everywhere, such as in the earth’s crust, rivers and oceans, and plants, it is extremely difficult and expensive extracting. One ounce of pure gold can be extracted by consuming approximately two and a quarter to three tonnes of ore.

The majority of the gold used for jewelry is an alloy

The most common metal used to make jewelry is gold. Simple wedding bands made of gold account for the majority of the world’s gold. Because pure gold is soft, it is often combined with other metals in order to make it more durable and resist bending. The result is called an alloy when two or more metals have been combined. Jewelry made of most gold is an amalgam. The metals that are added to it are also known as “alloys”.