Restaurant Supply Shops Offer Commercial Fryers

Back lines can be dangerous in restaurants. Cooks are quick to switch between the tools and cutting boards they use as well as the refrigeration system in the store fryer. Commercial fryers are one of the biggest pieces of equipment found in the back of the house. A commercial fryer can be a vital tool for restaurants that serve many dishes that require deep-frying. What fryer do you need?

You can find a wide range of commercial deep fryers. Many brands offer a counter-top sized fryer that is affordable, but they are mostly used for cooking special projects by the home chef. The commercial deep fryer that is most popular in size is the floor-model commercial fryer. You can’t eat french fries or hashbrowns without going to four hundred degree oil. They must be cooked in full-size commercial fryers for at least three and a quarter minutes.

Are you curious about the most well-known commercial fryer brand? Frymaster is the brand that serves its purpose, so I’m not afraid to say it. Frymaster produces the small single fryer. This requires you to set a timer, and then lower the basket in the oil by yourself. Frymaster also manufactures the massive three-pit fryer. It has a built-in timer that lowers the fry baskets. But that’s not all. These fryers will tell you when they need to filter and have an ENERGY STAR Rating! These fryers are experts in their niche. With such a name, they should be!

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